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Venetsanos Winery

Where the sky meets the sea and the earth greets life force, where the vines bestow their fate to the sun and the soul surrenders to the senses, where the wind shapes the cliffs and the disobedient mind seeks for the pure and the unexplored, is where Venetsanos Winery is carved, into the nature.

u03a4he winery is built on 4 different levels. At the second level is located the Upper Terrace a magnificent terrace area of 250m2 that overlooks the caldera. This open-air area can host your ceremony, reception, private dinner, gala & other events. This venue is perfect for small or bigest weddings. The maximum capacity of seated guests is 120 persons in round tables, 150 persons in a standing reception or 120 persons in theatre style (chairs only).

  • Wedding Ceremony

    For further information please contact us.

  • Wedding Reception

    For further information please contact us.