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12 Celebrity-Inspired Bridesmaids Hairstyle Ideas

bridesmaids hairstyle ideas

Your to-do list is getting shorter and shorter as your wedding date approaches. You’ve selected your outfit, arranged your makeup trial, checked a few up-(or maybe down-) dos, booked your nail appointment, the list goes on. But now, let’s think about your bridesmaids. Yes, you’ve helped them select dresses (and preferably let them choose their own from a wide range of colors, designs, and prints), but your friends would appreciate a little advice on great hair ideas regardless of the size of your crowd.

And, it seems, the days of asking your friends to wear their hair all the same way are gone. “Wedding hair has come a long way,” explains owner of Beauty Can and stylist, Laura Rugetti. “In the past, everyone would do the same up-do, but now, brides are wanting hair that is more on trend whether that be bohemian hair vibes or old Hollywood glam. There’s so much more to choose from.” In short: Gone are the days of stuffy, identical styles; the mood is all about individuality—andembracing what each unique woman brings to the table. “I think now more than ever, it is important that we portray our sense of self, not only through the causes that we support, and the issues that we fight for, but in how we present ourselves to the world,” Rugetti continues. “So,, I encourage brides to choose a look that can be personalized to each individual so that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin.”

We have selected 15 flattering, celebrity-inspired bridesmaid hair ideas for every length, texture, and hair type.

1. Tiered Chignon

What would a wedding be without a classic chignon? Add some character with multiple layers and freeform loops to make it look more 2020 than…1920.

2. Sleek Middle Part

Often, it’s more sexy to opt for something basic. Remove the drama from the looks of your bridesmaids and return to the traditional, streamlined middle segment. Our advice? For an effortless feel that works double duty to show off earrings, secure the hair behind the ears and elongate your neck.

3. Feed-In Braids

These feed-in braids are super chic, stylish, and a great bet for a style that stays put in humid climates.

4. Short Wavy Bob

Simple and statement making—a short, soft, wavy bob feels gamine, romantic, and edgy all at once. Pair this look with an off-center section for even greater ease.

5. Structural Top Knot

If you’re feeling nostalgic, this structural ’90s top knot is the moves—especially for those sporting sleek slip dresses. This look feels edgy yet sleek, will outlast the dance floor, and brings back tendrils in a fresh way to frame the face.

6. Curly Bun

With a simple-yet-dramatic bun, embrace the feel of natural waves and curls instead of focusing on a smoothed-out chignon.

7. Braided Halo Updo

A regal updo (like this braided halo version) keeps the focus front and center on the face, and opens up the neckline. Those with shorter hair can hack the style by using extensions for length.

8. Loc’ed High Pony

Locs are Extremely flexible, and can easily be twisted into a bun or pulled into an elegant ponytail. Round off the look by wrapping a few locs for extra oomph at the base of the pony.

9. The Soft Bob

To be romantic or wedding-worthy, waves don’t have to be uber-defined. We love the look that looks unfussy and worthy of a wedding. For hint of whimsy, add a trendy accessory, like a barrette or a fresh flower.

10. Ornate Top Knot

Ditch a bland bun in favor of something more daring this wedding season. This eclectic twisted top knot lifts the face immediately, opening it up, like this pop-colored lip, for daring makeup moves.

11. Bombshell Blow-Out

A bouncy blowout for your ‘maids’ is a super glam, foolproof choice. It’s sexy, fun, and most of all, it’s unforgettable, yet effortless.

12. Zig-Zag Part

For a look that’s new and enjoyable, take a conventional low ponytail and flip it on its head. For a look that’s new and enjoyable, take a conventional low ponytail and flip it on its head. Skip the jagged, haphazard parts that come to mind from our teenage years in favour of something, like this exaggerated zig-zag style, more smooth and deliberate for an adult feeling.

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