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Wedding Music: A Guide To Choose The Right Wedding Music

Great wedding entertainers know exactly how to energize a room – or calm it down if needed. Music speaks to our souls and has the ability to bring to life our deepest emotions. The musical experience you will tailor for your wedding will have a lifetime imprint on the memories you and your guests will save from this very unique celebration. It should be planned with care.

Music for weddings will make or break the ceremony. It sets the mood, sound, and energy of the entire event, from announcing your grand entrance to managing your exit.

Step By Step Guide To Selecting Your Wedding Music

1. Personal taste: First of all, we recommend that you rely on your personal taste to choose the right bands and artists for your wedding. Would you like a band or a DJ or a string quartet? These aren’t your only choices, but when you start determining your wedding style, you can select the kind of music is better suited. 

2. List your special songs: you can rely on unique musical styles that you’d like to have for your wedding. It’s best to pick something that’s special to both of you, because this song will evoke memories of this day for the rest of your lives! This is a decision that you can make together as a team.

3. Find vendors: The next move is to find a few vendors that are related to your tastes by asking your wedding planner. An established wedding planner can be a resourceful guide, as they have worked with many vendors and know which ones are trustworthy and will provide a great musical experience. You’d probably just want to book a band or a music agency to arrange multiple musical acts based on your needs. The choice is yours.

4. Speak to the music supplier: high-end wedding planners like to keep their hands on everything. Wedding planners, particularly for destination weddings, are typically responsible for all the technical aspects. It’s a good thing that they have first-hand knowledge with what is proposed by a band or music agency. Though I think that wedding planners should be in charge of arranging music and technological aspects, clients should also speak directly to their music vendors to decide their musical preferences and needs. The band or agency would then provide some feedback on the possibilities according to the taste of the client.

Music Blunders To Avoid

You want your day to be perfect, and music sets the stage for your special ceremony and reception.

Depend on trustworthy sources: There are a number of advantages to booking your wedding band through a reliable wedding entertainment provider. Today, on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social network, several talents can be identified. We recommend using the network of your wedding planners, however, as they can rely on suppliers with whom they have already collaborated or who other planners have suggested to them. All artists are not fit to perform for weddings, nor are they adequately skilled to organize all performance logistics, so they can not be reliable for the day. You should at least recommend one or more experts to your music agency or band. Make sure to check online for their social media and testimonials.

Do not go overboard: make sure you do not overload your guests, particularly during dinner, with music. It is nice to have quieter moments throughout the day.

Suggestions For Different Ceremonies

Typical wedding day can be divided into four main areas: welcome meal, ceremony, drinks, dinner reception. We’re not suggesting you need to shell out for a different act for each part of the day! Professional wedding bands are well aware of these main areas, and many offer packages to suit them.

Pre-Wedding Welcome Dinner

Destination weddings are typically multi-day weddings. On the pre-wedding day, your guests will explore the venue and spend some time together. Pre-wedding dinner would be a nice chance to use locally flavored bands. Any other background music can be a good choice.


Don’t feel obligated to use classical music, although it can be a really nice alternative. Your music for the ceremony should speak to your heart. Although we have a couple of tips, it’s worth remembering that it’s your day, and you can play whatever you want in the end. Our recommendations:

* Classical string ensemble 2 to 4 piece.

* Gospel choir.

* The small pop ensemble which will perform your preferred songs.

Cocktail Reception

Cocktails are usually the time to interact with your guests. Music isn’t meant to be too loud, at least not all the time. Strolling bands are a good choice, since they’re just entertaining a few guests at a time, and they’re not bothering those who want to be quiet. We also recommend the use of bands playing a lounge, quiet music. Our recommendations :

* String quartet. String ensembles offer arrangements of contemporary songs which can be very nice when heading to cocktails.

* Strolling pop band with all vocalists-instrumentists.

* Strolling jazz band.

* Pop band on stage with a nice vocalist.

* Jazz band, instrumental or with vocals on stage. Many different styles are possible, from the 1920s to the great American songbook & more contemporary jazz.

* DJ & live musicians or vocalists for a lounge DJ set. Musicians & vocalists can be on stage and stroll among your guests at some time.


During dinner, whether you’ve booked a band or a few artists, we suggest using them with parsimony. The time frame may be 5 to 10 minutes for brief performances between servings, and probably for a longer set in the desert. During courses, a playlist or an instrumental band can perform background music.

Party Dances & Cake Cutting

For your evening reception, the musical entertainment you select will have a major impact on the experience of your guests. Although cake cutting is a formal moment with one of your favorite songs for the occasion, party dances will be the time you want everyone to get crazy on the dance floor. There’s nothing like a good party band to do with this. If you love a boogie, picking up a lively and entertaining DJ is sure to make your guests dance. Here is a list of some of the choices possible: 

* Party band 6 to 16+ artists.

* DJ + live vocalists & musicians

* Swing Jazz Band

* Latin Band

* Any ethnic band with a dance repertoire (Arabic, Brazilian, Salsa … )

Planning your Wedding is always exciting and full of endless choices. Aegean Special Weddings can make life easy for you. After all, planning a wedding is what we specialize in. Send us an email with your personal details, special requests, and so on and we’ll get back to you with our wedding proposal.