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Best wedding destinations in Greece part A

best wedding destinations in greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries and a perfect place if you want to get married and arrange your magical moment in your life!

What better picture than saying ” Yes I do “to your other half during vibrant sunsets on picturesque islands! 

Next to the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea, there are different choices for small or larger white churches.

Types of Weddings

Hundreds of churches are going to make your wedding truly unique and iconic! 

On the other hand, it is much easier to have a cilvi wedding and then have a great party by the sea that you will remember it for the rest of your life!

Ideas for wedding locations in Greece

We know that you can get lost in looking for a dream place to get married in Greece, so we compiled a list with some of the best choices that you have.

The following places are popular destinations in Greece for getting married:


In the Aegean Sea, just south of mainland Greece, the Cyclades are a group of 220 enchanting islands. Each island has its own distinctive beauty, with white beaches, azure blue seas and plenty of white-washed chapels with sea views that will take your breath away. Marrying here gives you plenty of choices.


Santorini is one of the world’s most stunning islands, and it will be a one-lifetime experience to enjoy with your loved ones! Santorini is typically one of the first islands people think of when they picture a Greek wedding destination and is extremely popular for weddings. With views that are heart-to-beat, why not head here for the ultimate Greek island experience with plenty of romance?


A popular location for the jet set is Mykonos. This island is perfect for a lavish wedding with a holiday feeling, with a rich cultural mix, plenty of places to party and recharge, particularly if your wedding guests like to party hard.


Folegandros is a small island with less than 800 residents, unspoiled and absolutely picturesque. This place is one of Greece’s best kept secrets, perfect for an off-grid, romantic wedding with undulating views of the mountains, coast and sea.


The island of Syros has an aristocratic atmosphere, a lovely coastline and hilly towns and villages to enjoy. It is a beautiful place for a traditional wedding, with plenty of great Catholic cathedrals to choose from.


Since the construction of a new airport, this destination is becoming ever more popular. Antiparos Island is accessible from Paros by ferry and is a perfect choice for a wedding with an alternative edge. Antiparos is popular with artists and creatives, has a beautiful environment and spectacular scenery, Even Tom Hanks has a house there. The appeal of Paros and Antiparos is simple– they feel like a world away, pretty harbors, fresh white villages and sandy bays with still waters that can’t help but seduce you.

Saronic islands


Step back in time with a traditional style wedding on Spetses island which is as romantic as it gets. No cars are allowed on this island so taxi boats, horses and carts dominate the roads. Spetses is so gorgeous that it became the wedding destination of choice for Prince Nikolaos of Greece and his bride Tatiana Blatnik.


Hydra is conveniently situated near Athens and is just a short ferry ride away. On this pretty island, no cars are allowed, so expect tranquilly, fresh air and rustic stone houses.


South Peloponnese

This area is packed with little-known places which are absolute treasures. Focusing your wedding destination search on the South Peloponnese will surely be successful with Monevmasia Castle village and the surrounding area to seduce you with mediaeval beauty, cobbled streets and awe-inspiring views.

West coast of Greece

Greece’s West Coast is an area of stunning Ionian views with colourful villages like Parga to explore and beautiful beaches that offer picture book perfection.


Nafplio used to be the capital of Greece and is situated near Mycenae, which means that lovers of history can really take advantage of the cultural richness of this region. It is a chic destination that is growing in popularity, with turquoise seas and plenty of options for a wedding party celebration.

wedding destinations in greece


If you have beaches and mountains that are just as beautiful in Pelion, who needs to fly to Thailand? In reality, this destination is a mountain with many traditional villages and beaches and bays in a tropical style, shrouded by rocks and greenery. The elegance of the village square of Tsagkarada is like a theatrical scene and has to be seen to be believed. Once you’ve discovered Pelion, you’ll instantly fall in love.


Approximately 1 hour from Thessaloniki, Halkidiki is an excellent choice if you want to plan a wedding in Greece.

It has three peninsulas (the third is a religious region where only men are allowed to visit its monasteries) and particularly the 2nd Sithonia peninsula has some of the best beaches in Greece, and we don’t exaggerate!

Planning your Wedding is always exciting and full of endless choices. Aegean Special Weddings can make life easy for you. After all, planning a wedding is what we specialize in. Send us an email with your personal details, special requests, and so on and we’ll get back to you with our wedding proposal.

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