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wedding in santorini

Wedding in Santorini

There is absolutely no question that if you are looking to create something magical on your wedding day, a wedding destination in Santorini is what you need to have. The breathtaking view of Santorini, the majestic orange and purple sky hugging the green mountains, as well as the crystal-clear waters of its seas, make you stand in awe and wonder if this location really is on Earth.

Full of flair and beauty, Santorini is an incredibly special island that can not be compared with anything you’ve seen so far. In combination with the exotic and luxurious venues, its unparallel elegance and beauty make this island perfect for any destination wedding that needs to stand out. That is why only those who really love the feeling of style and want to taste luxury and opulence are recommended for Santorini.

But, if we were to number the five most important reasons why you should have your destination wedding in Santorini, then we would choose the following:

1. A must-do at a destination wedding in Santorini for its incomparable view that is ideal for a next day shooting.

Every Greek island has a beauty of its own. Santorini, however, is known for its magnificent view, which in your photoshoots will work perfectly for a special backdrop. Most of the island consists of tiny island dwellings, dressed in blue and white, which occupy most of the space and create a phantasmagorical traditional scenery. This is a trademark of Greek culture, as the colours of the houses reflect the colours of Greece.

In addition, Santorini is well renowned for its remarkable sunset, a golden spectacle that for the rest of your days will be imprinted on your mind and soul. We think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea to schedule your next shooting day at a time and place where you can see this miraculous sunset. It will help you create images that are everlasting.

Photo: George Kossieris

2. For The Activities You Can Do Before Or After Your Wedding Destination In Santorini

However, the view does not end in the mountains, the sea and orange painted sky. On the contrary, Santorini is famous for its volcano, which is said to provide the island with a different kind of energy. So, once you get there, one of the things you really need to do is visit the volcano and feel its magic energy, which is really worth it.

Before or after your wedding in Santorini, there are plenty of activities you can do. There are plenty of things you can try, whether you have a wedding, an elopement, or a honeymoon. You can start with a donkey tour of the island, which is one of Santorini ‘s traditions, and, why not, have a photo shoot on it.

In addition, you can go scuba diving in the blue and green waters and enjoy nature, surrounded by fish and golden sand. Another idea is to have a tour around the island with a yacht, a very luxurious ride that will really help you relax and enjoy the island. And of course, swimming! Do not forget to swim in this beautiful island’s crystal-clear waters. Perivolos Beach, Vlihada Beach, as well as Monolithos Beach, all famous for their beauty and wonderful views, can be visited.

3. For Its Venues – Which Are Ideal For A Destination Wedding In Santorini

Santorini is full of different elegant and luxurious venues that you can choose from for your wedding destination. If you want a stylish beach wedding, there are many beach bars all of which are packed with flair and are renowned for their impeccable customer service.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a fabulous and trendy venue for your wedding reception, then you can choose from Venetsanos Winery, Gem Villa, or Le Ciel. You can choose from several other rooms, most of which are suitable for both your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

Photo: George Kossieris

4. For its luxurious and delicious Greek food restaurants

Greece is known for its traditional cuisine, and Santorini is a perfect example of the delicious dishes that this country has to offer. On the island, there are numerous top-rated restaurants that give you a mix of stunning views, mouthwatering dishes and excellent service.

Some of the restaurants you can choose from are “Metaxi Mas-Ekso Gonia”, “Pyrgos Restaurant – Pyrgos Village”, “Idol-Fira”, “Lefkes – Foinika” and “Le Maison”. Santorini offers you the chance to experience a stylish dinner or wedding dinner with your friends and family, while you are tasting delicious Greek dishes and enjoying the light blue sea and the lush greenery.

Photo: Andrea Markakis

5. For its elegance, glamour and style, which are perfect for your wedding destination in Santorini

When you are thinking of islands filled with flair and style, you are thinking of Santorini. It is not merely about the luxurious restaurants, the majestic hotels, the numerous exotic bars you can have a drink at. It is about its people and their impeccable taste in anything they do.

This island has a touch of glamour in every corner and street and Santorini has to be your first choice if you want to create something truly extravagant and fabulous on your wedding day. There are a few islands that can mix unparallel elegance with trendy venues and luxurious places to visit, to be honest. There is a stamp of grace and taste in every hotel, villa, restaurant, and bar that is hard to find anywhere in the world.

At the same, Santorini has managed to keep its traditional touch, providing its visitors with a true Greek experience.

In conclusion, we firmly believe that if a lavish, glamorous and extravagant wedding is your dream, then you should have a destination wedding in Santorini. The synonym for this island is elegance; it is, therefore, perfect for you.

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