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Santorini Weddings, a quick guide.

santorini weddings

Santorini Weddings

One of the most romantic locations in the world is the Greek island of Santorini. It is not surprising that this is such a popular place for weddings with its flowering trees, snow-white houses, and beautiful old churches. Santorini is a leading name in “marriage tourism.” For the wedding of their dreams, couples from various nations come here. Imagine – your wedding can also take place here on the snow-white warm resort, surrounded by flowers, the bubble of the sea, and the bright sun. We’ll try to answer the most commonly asked questions (FAQ) in this article and give you a general idea of the ins and outs of organising a wedding in Santorini.

The best season for a wedding in Santorini

The best wedding season in Santorini is from April to October. This is the high season for the island. But during the autumn season (September-October), a visit to the island provides lower rates at hotels and restaurants. The weather begins to worsen at the beginning of November, dense clouds cover the sky, and temperatures appear to be lower. Temperatures rise in March and the island feels warm and welcoming again despite the cooler seawater.

What is the ideal period to start preparing a wedding on Santorini

If you dream of a Santorini wedding, it’s best to start planning a year in advance-popular wedding places are booked several months in advance and the most popular ones are booked many years in advance, such as Dana Vilas or Le Ciel! However, in a shorter period of time, it is possible to arrange a wedding, although the choice of available places would be fairly limited.

What to start with. A short step-by-step guide.

So, choosing an approximate date for the wedding is the first thing you need to do. After this, you’re going to need:

  1. Calculate an indicative budget;
  2. Decide if your wedding will feature guests and how many;
  3. Contact us-we will have a discussion about your wedding and the available locations.

Booking the date

Organizing a Santorini wedding celebration begins with the date being booked. The Agency will reserve the official wedding ceremony day and time and will agree on the venue where you have chosen to have your wedding banquet. The choice of venue, event style, as well as the entire programme of the celebration depends entirely on your budget. There is a range of choices in Santorini-from budget to VIP. Therefore, it is easier to negotiate with your advisor on the budget for the wedding ceremony, so that you can find the best balance of quality and price.

wedding in santorini

What affects the cost of a wedding in Greece?

  1. Guests. If you invite guests, arrange in advance who will pay for their visa, tickets, and accommodation. You can invite many relatives and friends, celebrate your wedding in the company of only the closest people or you can decide to get married without any guests.
  2. Place of the wedding reception. The more glamorous the banquet is, the more costly it is. Costs depend on the venue as well. You can book a whole restaurant for your guests, or you can have your wedding dinner with only two of you or a close family, on the open terrace on the seashore.
  3. Photography and video. Using experts who can capture what you want in just the right way, these precious moments can be treasured forever. So this is an element worth loosening the strings of the purse for. It would be a shame to plan a Santorini dream wedding and get low-quality photos and videos. That’s why you should listen to your wedding planner’s advice. They know for sure which of the island photographers you can trust to film such a significant event! 
  4. You can pick any additional choices for your celebration: cars, musicians, entertainment, stylists, special decorations, or even helicopter transfers.
  5. Decoration and floristry. The decoration of the venue consists of bouquets, table ornaments, a wedding arch, and much more. A traditional Santorini wedding ceremony is elegant and stunning, with its own style of decoration provided by the spectacular view of the Caldera.
  6. Entertainment. You may opt to stay for only a few days or combine your wedding experience with some island recreation, entertainment, and exploration. It is safer to pick a luxurious hotel for the wedding day and you can opt for more budget accommodation for your “vacation.” For your guests, there are some nice beach hotels and stunning beach locations. Some of the most scenic and romantic places on the island and some of the more luxurious accommodation options are also available in the northern part of Santorini.
  7. The preparation of documents for the official marriage is another important item of the wedding budget in Santorini. This cost is fixed – you cannot save here.

Wedding checklist

So, you have decided on the budget. Now decide what the format of your wedding will be and check if you:

❏ Have agreed on the number of guests;
❏ Have chosen the format of the celebration: a banquet, a reception, or a modest dinner at a restaurant;
❏ Have decided to make it an official ceremony or a symbolic wedding (or, maybe, a church wedding);
❏ The venue was chosen and if “yes”-the date is booked;
❏ The program and duration of your stay on the island are defined;
❏ Details and additional options for the celebration are chosen.

Main locations

The registration of the marriage in Santorini takes place at the place of the wedding, and the next day after the ceremony at the place of the wedding, you must apply to the municipality to complete the registration (all documents must be prepared in advance). A month after the wedding, the couple will be able to get the marriage certificate (it is sent by post). In large cathedrals or in one of the churches on the island, the church wedding ceremony is performed and a special collection of documents is required. The Metropolis Cathedral, the Church of Agios Theodori, the Church of the Ascension and St. Irini Church in the town of the same name are the most popular places for church weddings.

Wedding banquets may be held in a restaurant or banquet hall, on the balcony of your hotel or on the beach, on a yacht or in a wine tasting room, anywhere you like. 

Accommodation for guests

What documents are necessary for a wedding in Santorini?


Wedding ceremony

  • A symbolic wedding in Santorini is the simplest in terms of preparation. If you are already married and just want to have an unusual ritual or to celebrate a wedding anniversary – then this event is for you!
  • The civil wedding is the real marriage after which you get the marriage certificate certified by the municipality of the island.
  • The church wedding – a religious ritual can be performed together with the wedding or separately (if you are already married).

What must be remembered

A wedding in Santorini, especially if properly arranged, can become the most important and exciting event of your life. We do not remotely organise your wedding-our agents and coordinators operate on the island directly, so we can solve any problems quickly. We are happy to contact us at any time and we will definitely respond to you.